Marilyn face shot-dMy name is Marilyn Pink. I am a Physical Therapist and one of the founders of EDUCATA, the leading physical therapy continuing education resource. We have talked with many of you to uncover YOUR needs and desires for high quality content delivered via the convenience of online learning. We are very pleased to extend our line of educational offerings with this patient case study blog.

In these case studies, you will hear directly from other practitioners on a specific instance, a case, where their expertise was key for optimal patient care.

These cases also represent an opportunity for dialog and discovery, and we encourage you to both comment and read the extensive comments available from hundreds of professionals from all corners of the world.

The case studies themselves, accompanying research papers and commentaries are open to everyone, free of charge. However, if you wish to obtain physical therapy continuing education credits for the study, we ask you to enroll, check out your familiarity (or unfamiliarity) with the subject through our Baseline of Knowledge survey, read the case study and related bibliography, participate (or not) in the ongoing comments and discussions, and then check yourself with the Evidence of Learning process at exit. A certificate will then be issued to you for full credit. To view specifics on how to enroll, visit the Con Ed Credits page.

Here’s wishing you a rich and rewarding career!

Marilyn M. Pink, PT, Ph.D.